Booking conditions

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The Lessee accepts and undertakes to comply with the booking conditions related to the use of the villa by paying the booking fee. The booking conditions are binding on both parties when the lessee has made the advance payment or the full rental price.

The reservation is confirmed and binding when the tenant has paid an advance payment (approximately 30% of the accommodation price or a separately agreed amount). The rental price must be paid in full if the time of the trip is less than 28 days.

Cancellations must always be made in writing by email to the landlord. Cancellation shall be deemed to have taken place when the notice of cancellation has been received in writing.

If the cancellation is made 60 days before the start of the rental, 30% of the total rental amount will not be refunded.

If the cancellation is made later than 60 days before the start of the rental, it will not entitle you to a refund of the rental payment.

Also check out travel insurance for unexpected obstacles.

In case of force majeure, the reservation can be canceled.

If the accommodation bill has not been paid by the due date. Please note that payment by the due date will confirm your booking.

The villa has electric locks that work with a numeric code. Before entering, the tenant will receive a door code that will operate for the entire rental period.

The villa is available to guests from the day of arrival from 16:00 until the day of departure at 12:00.

The villa is the property of private people and must behave without disturbing others, such as neighbors.

Peflettes must be used in the sauna, and the tenant must bring personal hygiene products.

Electricity must not be drawn from the cottage, for example for the continuous heating of cars.

Smoking is not allowed in the outdoor hot tub.

The tenant must turn on the water taps after using the dishwasher and washing machine. Do not operate machines unattended.

Towels or other damp items should not be dried on the intermediate doors.

Have your doors and windows closed when you leave the villa.

INSURANCE: During the accommodation or visit, the customer is responsible for his / her own activities and takes care of the validity of his / her own personal and property insurance. Children are the responsibility of their guardians.

Linen can be rented at the villa. Beds must be fitted with sheets and pillowcases, and sleeping bags are not permitted. If no bed linen is used in the beds, the landlord will wash the pillows and blanket and the mattress pads at the tenant’s expense.

The tenant is responsible for cleaning the apartment during the rental period. Mandatory final cleaning is charged on the rental invoice. The tenant must perform normal daily cleaning. On the day of departure, the tenant must empty the rubbish and wash the dishes (the dishes may remain clean in the machine). The tenant is responsible for taking out the rubbish / bottles / cans. Garbage can be taken to Molok waste bins in holiday homes. The inspection is carried out by the cleaning service after the tenant has left. Work that requires extensive and special cleaning, such as cleaning up vomiting, is priced separately. If the water in the outdoor hot tub has to be changed due to careless use, the tenant is responsible for the costs (€ 300).

It is strictly forbidden to sublease the villa to a third party. The lease agreement for the cottage will be terminated immediately if any irregularities are found.

Smoking inside the villa is strictly prohibited. Smoking is allowed on the balcony or terrace. When smoking in the yard and on the terrace, it is forbidden to throw cigarette butts / snuff into the yard. Cigarette butts should be extinguished properly.

Pets are not allowed in the villa, as the landlord wants to book the apartment allergy-free.

Only the number of people specified in the booking confirmation can be accommodated in the villa. The holiday home may not be used by more people than agreed when renting the apartment. It is forbidden to use a tent or caravan / caravan on the resort site without the landlord’s permission.

All comments related to the accommodation are requested to be addressed immediately by e-mail to or by calling, in order to ensure the best possible success of the visit.

Price list prices are valid until further notice and prices may vary depending on the season and offers. We reserve the right to make changes.

Vthe tenant is obliged to compensate for any damage he may have caused to the apartment or its furniture. If the damage is caused by indifference to foreign property, the matter is treated as vandalism, which is always reported to the police and for which compensation is claimed in addition to the repair costs. If no agreement is reached with the lessee on the claim, the matter will be dealt with in the district court on a case-by-case basis. In the first instance, the contracting parties shall endeavor to settle disputes arising from this agreement through mutual consultations.